In 1988, the

 "Souvenirs et Respect des Combats pour la Liberté - Poche de Colmar - Hiver 44/45"

non-profit association was founded by

Gérard Terni and Christian Burgert

to pursue the unique project to set up a Memorial Museum aiming to honour all the veterans and victims, be they civilians or soldiers, who wrote the painful history of our region during the terrible 
winter of 1944/45. 
With the help of some history buffs and the support of the municipal team and the mayor M. FUCHS , the work and total dedication of the two founders permitted the inauguration of the museum on
November 11th 1993. 
The governor of the district attended the ceremony with numerous civilian and military authorities in Turckheim (Haut-Rhin district). 
Ever since that day, the museum has relentlessly endeavoured to keep alive a historical heritage dedicated to all those who, through their courage and patriotism, have allowed us to remain free..

The work of the volunteers and successive chairmen helped the memorial museum become famous not only within France, but also beyond our borders, all through Europe, in the USA and maybe one day in the whole world.

The extension that had been scheduled for a long time by the two founders could only be achieved and inaugurated on February the 24th 2001.

Today the memorial museum consists in two showrooms covering an area of roughly 250 m².

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