The "Memorial Museum of the Colmar Pocket combats - Winter 44/45" is located in a pretty 18th century vault (wich sheltered inhabitants during WW II) in Turckheim, a medieval town. It showcases vivid testimonies of the events which took place near Colmar over a period of two long, gruelling months through the actors of this fight and the equipments of the period. 

This historical perspective makes it unique in Alsace.

The memorial museum has got today a wonderful collection of diverse and sometimes heterogeneous artefacts. They are displayed to the visitors in thematic glass cases or on dummies. The museum knows the origins, the owners and the history of almost all the objects on display.

The life of the combat soldier is pictured through many realistic, highly detailed reconstructions. Many period pictures and a film complete the exhibition which details every phase of the battle and focuses on the fate of the population.

One goal of the memorial museum is to transmit a piece of history to young generations, the heritage of one of our most beautiful French regions.

The Origins :
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The "Pocket"